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Rimfire Sports & Custom specializes in sporting rimfire firearms and accessories. We decided to specialize in rimfire firearms because most international shooting events are conducted using rimfire firearms and just about every firearm enthusiast has a rimfire firearm of some type.  We also believe that the fundamentals used in shooting rimfires are the same ones used in shooting centerfire firearms.   By practicing the shooting fundamentals (body position, sight alignment, breathing, and trigger control) with rimfire firearms, you can also increase your shooting skills with centerfire firearms.  Rimfire firearms are also the safest for the average firearm enthusiast to customize on their own.  On our web site you'll fine only the best and latest products for you to accurize or to customize your rimfire firearm.

The site is always being improved with new features and products. So please bookmark this site so you can easily return to check for the latest in rimfire firearm accessories and information.

If you experience any problem with this site or have suggestions on how it could be improved, please email us at support@rimfiresports.com. If you experience any problems with any of the products we sell, please contact the manufacturer directly for getting the problem fixed.  If you have a problem with your order, please contact us at support@rimfiresports.com. If you ever have any questions to which you can't find in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please email us. All emails will be answered by the end of the next business day.

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We sorry, but we are unable to answer phone calls during the day.  If you have questions about a product, we prefer that you email us at support@rimfiresports.com.  If your question concerns installation, please contact the manufacturer of the parts as they would be in the best position to advise you. If you have a question about an order that you placed or wish to place an order but prefer not to do it on-line, please email us at orders@rimfiresports.com.