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.22 LR Dummy Rounds - Set of 5
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Best Sellers
.22 LR Dummy Rounds - Set of 5
Volquartsen Ruger Mark II / III & 22/45 Target Sear
Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor
Volquartsen Mark II Hammer Bushing
Ruger Mark II Magazine

Volquartsen Remington 597 Target Hammer
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $38.95

Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds
This hammer is a fully machined (no casting or stampings) hammer that will allow you to reduce the factory trigger pull of a Remington 597 to 2.0 - 2.5 lbs.

May be used in either the .22 LR, .22 Magnum, or .17 HMR versions of the Remington 597.

Average Customer Rating

Number of Raters: 21
A must have. You can't go wrong.
Reviewer: austin@ci.kingsport.tn.us     04/14/2003
04/13/03 lessened the trigger pull by a good 3 lbs. Very easy to install.Took about 3 minutes. Very satisfied, Thanks, Dave
Big improvment over factory hammer, great product easy to install, Get one
I installed the hammer in a magnum and the trigger pull came down from 7lbs to 2lbs. Great product and great service.
Dropped my trigger pull from a gritty creepy 9lbs to a crisp 2lbs!
Trigger pull came down from 10lbs. to 34ozs. This is remarkable! If not for this part, I would have sold this rifle.
Reviewer: citadel07@excite.com     02/12/2004
If u dont have it, get it. Awesome site that will get it to you quick and for free.......seriously order it now.
Provides an absolutely amazing reduction in trigger pull weight. I had stopped shooting my 597 .22 magnum because of the poor factory trigger.
Great product, instructions would have been nice though. Took about an hour to figure out what I was doing wrong. Simple to install though. Huge difference in trigger pull as advertised.
I didnt think the factory pull was that bad until i put this hammer in. It made a world of a difference. Easy to put in and got here in 3 days.
The factory hammer had the worst pull I have ever experienced . I could not sight my scope in with it because of the pull . This hammer is excellent.
reduced my trigger pull from 5.5 lbs to 3lbs. Easy to install. Works great!
I have had my 597 for several years and was thinking of getting rid of until I saw this hammer. It turned a heavy no sign of moving trigger into a feather light touch. If you don't buy it you're an idiot.
A must have! Reduced pull from 7.5lbs to 2lbs with minimal creep. Overall a huge improvement over factory. Don't forget to lube it when you install.
Made the rifle more shootable , I would recomend it highly to all that ask !!
rifle: 597 .17 vhb. improved trigger 100%. still not the best trigger pull, but stock it was the worst i've ever experienced. easy install. good value. the best/fastest service by rimfiresports!
Oops! for got to rate it! As I said, it works great! Easier to put in than a 10/22's hammer.
Reviewer: smaguire007@hotmail.com     07/21/2009
very quick to install. trigger pull reduced from 10lbs to just under 3lbs. free shipping to canada!
Wow!! Made the gun seem totally different. The trigger pull was a rediculous 10 lbs before, and dropped it down to a nice 2-2.5 lbs. I didn't like the gun before putting this in. Highly recomend.
"like a different gun" The trigger pull came down as advertized. Very easy to put in and great service.
took 5 minutes to install. works great. pull is 1/3 of original. fast/great service.
Wow !! This hammer made the rifle a much better shooter. 100% improvement !!

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