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Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Oversize/Extended Safety
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Stop fumbling for the safety with this new Oversized/Extended Safety from Volquartsen. The large diameter face gives your finger an easy-to-hit button for quick, positive disengagement. The red indicator tells you at a glance if safety is applied. Available in right or left-hand models. Some stocks may require minor modifications to ensure the proper movement of safety.

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It is a good idea to have an enlarged safety so you can take it off easier. The only problem with it is that it will not clear the sides of the stock. The only way I could get mine into my gun was to remove the safety, replace the small spring and plunger that the safety uses, put the pins back in the trigger guard attaching it to the reciever, slide the reciever/barrel/trigger guard/and bolt (all assembled) back into the stock, finally install the safety by holding the spring and plunger down and insert the safety. This is not the easiest of things to do but how often do you really need to remove the trigger guard to clean? Only every once in a while.
Watch out for the safety plunger. Mine flew out and was lost. Also might require removing material from the stock to clear.
I'm left handed so I really enjoy my new lefty trigger safety. I agree with the others that this can be a tricky mod. However, I found a relatively simple way of changing mine without having to modify the stock. This technique works well if you have an aftermarket stock that doesn't lend itself easily to modification. Simply twist the factory safety 90 degrees forward and start to slide it out. Take the new safety and insert it behind the factory one, making sure it is oriented correctly, and press out the old one with the new until you hear it click into place. Additionally, this method is used when disassembly is required by reversing the process and replacing the oversized safety with the factory one for receiver removal. Just make sure you hold them tight together so you don't lose the retaining spring in the process. Otherwise, you are taking the whole thing apart, recoverint the spring and doing it the hard way. I still have the original wood stock so I modified it with a shallow grove to accommodate the wider safety button.